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US-D680351-S: Jewelry holder patent, US-D681570-S: Light-emitting diode patent, US-D683185-S: Drinking cup patent, US-D683814-S: Spray station patent, US-D683857-S: Defibrillator patent, US-D684414-S: Table patent, US-D686657-S: Shredder patent, US-D690862-S: Garden light patent, US-D691288-S: Interlocking pavement block patent, US-D691993-S: Computing device patent, US-D692127-S: Respiratory mask patent, US-D692727-S: Cupcake carousel patent, US-D693466-S: Laparoscopic instrument patent, US-D694494-S: Hat with offset badge patent, US-D694583-S: Blender jar patent, US-D695527-S: Woven braid patent, US-D696358-S: Playing surface for dice games patent, US-D696781-S: Orthopaedic tool handle patent, US-D696952-S: Scoop bottle neck patent, US-D697683-S: Golf trolley patent, US-D697791-S: Multi-panel folded package patent, US-D698250-S: Container patent, US-D698505-S: Pet gate patent, US-D700084-S: Pedometer patent, US-D700198-S: Tablet computer with a GPS astronomical clock patent, US-D701603-S: Connector for endoscope patent, US-D701788-S: Necklace ornament patent, US-D701905-S: Cowboy stationery tab patent, US-D702463-S: Shelving unit patent, US-D702594-S: Buckle patent, US-D702647-S: Module for programmable logic controller (PLC) patent, US-D703539-S: Bottle patent, US-D703852-S: Flashlight patent, US-D705048-S: Spout bag patent, US-D709465-S: Panel assembly for electronic equipment patent, US-D709905-S: Display screen or portions thereof with graphical user interface patent, US-D710343-S: Enclosure for a mobile device patent, US-D710431-S: Protective eyewear patent, US-D711092-S: Belt patent, US-D712271-S: Tissue box patent, US-D712369-S: Telephone base unit patent, US-D713322-S: Glass sheet transport rack patent, US-D715042-S: Badge-shaped carabineer patent, US-D715214-S: Tire patent, US-D715624-S: Hook patent, US-D716024-S: Sole for footwear patent, US-D716300-S: Secure tablet kiosk enclosure patent, US-D716598-S: Recline control mechanism for a beauty salon chair patent, US-D717876-S: Controller for electronic device patent, US-D717885-S: Toy treehouse patent, US-D718457-S: Gnathostatic model patent, US-D719176-S: Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface patent, US-D720486-S: LED light module patent, US-D721585-S: Bottle patent, US-D722291-S: Electric vehicle charger patent, US-D722755-S: Insole bottom patent, US-D723295-S: Shoe rack patent, US-D723478-S: Remote control with laser pointer patent, US-D723869-S: Elevated wooden spoon patent, US-D725863-S: Forklift truck patent, US-D726232-S: Ice cream dispensing apparatus patent, US-D726729-S: Docking station with a transparent stand on the front patent, US-D726970-S: Face mask patent, US-D727015-S: Key holder and connector for a wireless earpiece device patent, US-D727828-S: Vehicle wheel patent, US-D727938-S: Digital camera with a graphical user interface patent, US-D728372-S: Container patent, US-D728678-S: Printer patent, US-D729337-S: Rail cover for a tactical rail of a firearm patent, US-D729885-S: Achilles tendon stretcher patent, US-11268-P: Double Impatiens plant named `Golden Sunrise` patent, US-PP12903-P2: Aster plant named ‘Chelsea’ patent, US-PP13513-P2: Floribunda rose plant named ‘WEKsanpoly’ patent, US-PP13790-P2: Chrysanthemum plant named ‘Yocorrine’ patent, US-PP17260-P2: Petunia plant named ‘Petwiblvgr’ patent, US-4852964-A: Fiber optic coil cord patent, US-PP17522-P2: Poinsettia plant named ‘ATN VR2’ patent, US-PP18368-P2: Daphne plant named ‘HEWREB’ patent, US-PP19053-P2: Lobelia plant named ‘Tech Hewhit’ patent, US-PP19142-P2: Kalanchoe plant named ‘Opala’ patent, US-PP19148-P2: Shrub rose plant named ‘Meidrifora’ patent, US-PP19653-P2: Begonia plant named ‘BEGO 520’ patent, US-PP19729-P2: Scaevola plant named ‘Wesscaetopi’ patent, US-PP19778-P2: Phalaenopis plant named ‘Ikaria’ patent, US-PP20314-P2: Nectarine tree named ‘UFRoyal’ patent, US-PP20616-P2: Ipomoea plant named ‘Seki Lim’ patent, US-PP20950-P2: Flowering quince plant named ‘Orange Storm’ patent, US-PP21187-P2: Chrysanthemum plant named ‘Yomildred’ patent, US-PP22934-P2: Petunia plant named ‘Dueswebuce’ patent, US-PP23108-P3: Azalea plant named ‘MNIHAR014’ patent, US-PP23217-P2: Chrysanthemum plant named ‘Margo White’ patent, US-PP23218-P2: Verbena plant named ‘Invebroich’ patent, US-PP24440-P3: Strawberry plant named ‘LINOSA’ patent, US-PP24914-P2: Leucanthemum plant named ‘Shapcott Ruffles’ patent, US-PP25508-P2: Baptisia plant named ‘Royal Purple’ patent, US-PP26071-P2: Pelargonium plant named ‘Duesarlish’ patent, US-PP26343-P2: Salvia plant named ‘Pink Dawn’ patent, US-PP26379-P2: Verbena plant named ‘Duempflapus’ patent, US-PP26729-P3: Sutera plant named ‘DANCOP104’ patent, US-PP28796-P3: Buddleia plant named ‘SMNBDO’ patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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